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Epoch-Tech Information System - System Flow


  • Epoch-Tech is a Software Engineering Company. Base on the proven of our hundreds of customers, Epoch-Tech is proud of providing a outstanding, flexible, user-friendly and reliable Office Automation System. So far, many users who do not have any computer operation experience can use our system well even after two hour briefing. It is certain that we gain the customer satisfaction and gain the recommendation from our customers.



Sales Order System


  • Customer DataBase Maintenance
  • Includes printing customer list, mailing label, envelop.

Quotation Maintenance

  • The operation is similar to the Sales Invoice System. The user may copy the past quotation or invoice to make the new quotation directly.

Sales Invoice Maintenance

  • The user may copy the past quotation or invoice to make the new invoice directly.
  • The System supports partial delivery base on customer‘s order.
  • The user can check the quotation price or invoice price history.
  • The System will inform the user the credit status of the customers.
  • The configurable invoice format.
  • Support multi-currency

Delivery Note Maintenance

  • Automatic to keep track the delivery status, including the shipped and unshipped information
  • The user may create the Delivery Note directly or according to the existing Invoice.
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter : Sales Report (Summary or Detail), Quotation Report (Summary or Detail), Delivery Note Report (Summary or Detail), Salesman Report, Sales Analysis Report


Purchase Order System

  • Supplier Maintenance
  • Print Supplier Record, Address Label, Envelop

Purchaser Contract / Order

  • Transfer the Quotation, Invoice Information to make the new P.O. directly.
  • Support partial shipment
  • Support Multi-Currency

Goods Received Note

  • Automatically keep track the received and un-received item status
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter : Purchase Order Report, Goods Received Note Report, Purchase Analysis Report


Inventory Control System


  • Stock Inward / Outward Records
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter : Item Basic Info. Report, Item Stock Status Report, Item Outstanding P.O. Report, Item Outstanding S.O. Report, Item Movement / Ledger Report (Including Detail, Monthly, Period)
  • Item Stock Value Report
    • Item Listing for a specified customer or a specified category of customers
    • Customer Listing for a specified items or a specified category of items
    • Item Listing for a specified supplier or a specified category of suppliers
    • Supplier Listing for a specified items or a specified category of items


Accounts Receivable System


  • A/R Settlement Maintenance
  • Customer Deposit Maintenance
  • Credit Note Maintenance
  • A/R Statement of Account
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter
    • Print Customer Report
    • Print Customer Address Label for mailing purpose
    • Print Settlement Record Report
    • Print Accounts Receivable Ledger
    • Print Customer Deposit Report
    • Print Credit Note Report


Accounts Payable System


  • A/P Settlement Maintenance
  • Deposit to Supplier Maintenance
  • Debit Note Maintenance
  • A/P Statement of Accounts
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter
    • Supplier Report
    • Supplier Address Label for mailing purpose
    • Settlement Record Report
    • Accounts Payable Ledger
    • Debit Note Report


General Ledger System


  • Journal Voucher Maintenance
  • Support Multi-Currency Voucher
  • Chart of Account Maintenance
  • Currency Table Maintenance
  • Period freeze table
  • Multi-Purpose Reporter
    • Voucher Listing
    • Print Ledger
    • Trial Balance (TB)
    • Print Chart of Accounts
  • Report Generator
    • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • Year Balance Sheet
    • Monthly Profit & Loss
    • Year Monthly Profit & Loss


Other Assistant Function


  • Lookup Table Function : This is a powerful function which can be found all over the whole system. Wherever there is a question mark, it exists there. It can help you search the past records or the existing database. The user may also enjoy its dynamic searching and sorting.
  • Security Function : The System Supervisor may use this function to constrain the access right for each user. The access right may be down to maintenance or report level, such as Sales Invoice Maintenance, Quotation Report.
  • Auto Audit Trial : The System will automatically record down the user’s login name who create a new record or modify an existing record. The System will also record down the corresponding date and time for the future Audit Trial purpose.
  • Multi-Backup : Daily Automatically Backup, Manual Backup, Branch Workstation Backup
  • Predefined Decimal Point : The System can support up to 4 digits decimal point. The user should make the decision before the System is installed. Whenever it is configured, it can’t be changed anymore. The normal setting is 2 digits decimal point.

Remarks :

  • Our System will only work with SVGA Color Display
  • The required computer should have P4 CPU and 512MB RAM or above.
  • The System will have very well printing result when using HP Series Laserjet, Deskjet and Epson LQ Series Dot Matrix Printer.
  • Our System can be English, Chinese or English/Chinese Bi-language version.
  • Each company should allow us use TeamViewer via internet for remote support
  • Our System is network ready. It can work well with all Window Platform Server.
  • Our System can work well withWindow XP, Win 7, Win8, Win 2000, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Server 2012 But don’t support Vista (It is because Vista is not a good platform).
  • All the system reports can be exported to Excel. The best output destination software is Microsoft Excel. The system reports does not include the format such as Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Purchase Order and so on.

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